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About Boultons

Our wholesale nursery has been established in Moddershall for over 125 years and even further still with our family connections to the Milton, Light Oakes and Wetley Moor Nurseries of Isaac Matthews & Sons since around 1820.

The nursery is located in the picturesque Moddershall Valley Conservation Area, known locally as the ‘Switzerland of England’. The village is surrounded by ancient oak woodlands, babbling brooks and had the highest concentration of watermills in the UK.

We owe our longevity to our dedicated staff, friendly neighbours and loyal customers.

Our History

Our History

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It began in 1895...

In 1895 Mr George Boulton started the nursery business in Moddershall with the help of his sons and daughters, growing herbaceous plants and violas. George died in 1918 and was succeeded by his sons Charles and Tom, who had recently been demobbed after serving in the First World War.

George Boulton

The 1920s

During the 1920s, Charles and Tom steadily built up production to a full range of nursery stock and purchased additional land as it became available. In 1926, George, Charles's son, joined the business, and by the 1930s the area devoted to the production of trees and shrubs had increased to 150 acres. Boultons was now emerging as one of Britain's most respected growers.



During the Second World War, the nursery was turned over to food production, and the available nursery stock was used to camouflage airfields and factories. Much of the vegetable production was grown to feed troops prior to the D-Day landings in 1944.


After the War

After the war, the nursery re-established production of trees and shrubs, and in 1946 the business was incorporated as Boultons Bros (Moddershall) Ltd. Throughout the 1960s production increased, as modern methods of propagation were adopted and mechanisation was introduced.
Boultons was one of the early pioneers of containerisation, and the container unit at Moddershall was one of the first to be designed and constructed as a mass production facility.


1970 to 1980

During the 1970s, production increased further and during the late 1970s and 1980s, the nursery became one of Britain's largest growers and suppliers of trees and shrubs, supplying the New Town Development Corporations.

1990s to Millennium...

1990s to Millennium

The 1990's saw significant changes in the market; notably shrinking demand for bare-root stock and the growing dominance of the garden centres. The nursery responded by increasing its container facility and rootballing operations. When Mr Chris Boulton retired in 1999, the nursery was acquired by the present owners who have sought to maintain the high reputation which the Boulton family earned over a century of good practice and fair dealing.

Boultons Present Day

Boultons Present Day

Boultons is now a leading grower of sustainable plants!

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Meet our team

Boultons Nurseries has over 50 years of experience in the horticulture industry. Many of our staff have been with the wholesale nursery for a long time, for example, Katy is a third generation horticulturist.

We are all deeply passionate about what we do, and about protecting the environment and the creatures who live there.

Plant health and bio security

As a medium-sized producer of ornamental trees and shrubs, Boultons Nurseries has strict bio security procedures and is compliant with all current plant health and phytosanitary legislation. Our nursery is routinely inspected by the Plant Health Inspectorate and operates with the PEACH and DEFRA Plant Health portals. Our Plant Passport Number is GB122546.

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