Heated propagation with mist.
Heated no mist Propagation
Heated propagation with no mist.

Our plant propagation department

We produce around 750,000 traditional hard and softwood cuttings each year in our plant propagation department for use in our own production. We do not use poor quality imports and cutting material is sourced from our own stock gardens, which have been cultivated over many years.

UK provenance is an increasingly important pre-requisite in sustainable growing. Having our own plant propagation department means we have more control over the production process and the high quality of the plants we produce.

We also propagate young plants for other nurseries and generally where a requirement for more specialised techniques such as grafting, root cuttings and air layering are required.

Cutting Service

Our plant propagation department also carries out an increasingly popular on-site cutting service for clients requiring their locally provenanced material to be specially grown as part of conservation and site restoration schemes.

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Field Production

Located nearby, our field nursery produces bare root and root-balled stocks for our own container production and occasional sale. We focus on evergreens, grafted ornamentals and rare trees which prefer open-ground growing conditions prior to containerization. All our plants are seed grown from accredited UK specialists and through our own propagation. We still use traditional coldframe techniques for much of our evergreen and conifer field production.

Container Unit

Containerisation was introduced at Moddershall in the late 1960s following fact finding trips to Holland by GL Dempster and PM Robinson, where this new large-scale growing technique was in its infancy.

A new container site was soon laid out on spare land at Moddershall with gravel beds, irrigation and a centralised potting shed. It was the subject of much interest in the horticultural press at the time and further established the nursery’s forward-thinking approach in this field.

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