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The root ball hedging season has now started and Boultons has a range of varieties and sizes now available.

Root balls are usually evergreen plants, but can be deciduous too, and include anything from Acer to Zelkova. Root ball plants are the perfect way to establish a tall hedge very quickly, making them a favourite of landscape architects.

Our root ball plants are available as bushes for hedging, stand out single stem specimens, eye-catching topiary and multi-stem trees and shrubs.

Things to consider when selecting root ball plants

Age – Field plants are often grown for years before being dug up and sold on. The older the tree, the further away from the trunk the feeder roots are located, which means the larger the root ball needs to be to contain enough viable root tips to get nutrients and water to the tree.

Timing – It is around this time of year (late October into November), when plants naturally become dormant, that the root ball plants are dug up from fields using heavy machinery, before being checked over once more and transported with their roots protected by soil packed inside a hessian sack.

You will be able to buy root ball plants anytime from early autumn to mid-spring – just ensure they are planted as soon as they are delivered.

Water – Ensure you keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater the plants. Roots grow when looking for water, so if you give the plant too much, there will be no reason for them to grow out and the plant may become weak.  

Weather – Occasionally, some of the larger root balls can suffer from their leaves yellowing when we get the first hot weather (a rare occurrence in the UK, but it does happen!) in the first season after planting. Provide plenty of water for the plant to recover from the change in temperature.

Care – Please keep in mind that caring for your root ball plant is vital, as the success rate is not as high as container-grown plants. Boultons takes extra care around the fine fibrous roots, which can be damaged when the plants are dug up or transported.

Price – You may notice that root ball plants can be cheaper than their pot-grown alternatives, due to the lower costs involved with the field growing method.

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Order root ball plants from Boultons of Moddershall

There was huge demand for larger hedging plant sizes last year, so to avoid disappointment, we advise customers to order early for the best choice! Prices are available upon application, but our root ball plants start from just £7.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask our expert horticulturists and they will be able to source most things for you. Call 01785 813747 or fill in our contact form for more information.

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